Always Polished, Never Perfect A lady is always perfect no matter what shade she is wearing. My Grandmother always had her Manicure and Pedicure done, and she did them herself. I think I take that note, always have your nails done. You can walk out your house with hair thrown up, no make up and your nails still look great. I am going to try to stay with freehand Nail Design, whether it is a plain manicure or has lots of art and gems on it. Really into: Purples and Greens Animal Print Gems



I never posted the full galaxy/tribal/pendleton inspired by @nails_by_jen!


Nail art inspired by clothing from Deb Shops! Check out the blog posts to see the inspiration!

Blog Post:


This is all i do anymore.


Julep Sea Salt Finish in Jill. 

If you love a person, don’t give up. Just wait for that person. And if that person won’t love you back, wait until your heart VOLUNTARILY QUITS..

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